Reviews of 11 films from Berlin Critics' Week, including works by Masao Adachi, Sharon Lockhart, Dominik Graf, Rubén Gámez, Stephen Sayadian, and…
Our second dispatch from this year's Berlinale, featuring 22 reviews of movies and installations by Claire Simon, Christian Petzold, Eduardo Williams…

February 2023

An interview with director Bas Devos about his new film 'Here', which was awarded Best Film by the Encounters jury at this year's Berlinale
An interview with Kode9 + our Writers Panel on Frank Denyers' 'Melodies' and GMEM's 'La Page À Musique, Musique Et Handicap'
Our first dispatch from this year's Berlinale, featuring 15 reviews of movies and installations by James Benning, Hong Sang-soo, Mary Helena Clark…
An interview with director Deborah Stratman about her filmography, including 'Last Things', which premiered at Sundance and screens at this year's…
An interview with director Miryam Charles about her debut feature 'Cette Maison' ('This House')
An interview with Detroit trio HiTech (King Milo, Milf Melly, and 47Chops)

January 2023

Reviews of 14 films from Media City Film Festival's 2023 edition of ThousandSuns Cinema, which focused on works by Indigenous filmmakers
An interview with Otomo Yoshihide + our Writers Panel on Acheulean Forests & Trhä's 'Die Macht Der Feenflamme' and Chiho Oka & Aoi Tagami's 'The Best…
An interview with perfumer Marissa Zappas

December 2022

An interview with Japanese dream-pop band For Tracy Hyde