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Tone Glow is a newsletter dedicated to showcasing the best in experimental music. Typical issues of the newsletter feature the following two items:

  1. An interview with an artist, always in Q&A format.

  2. A writers panel featuring capsule reviews of the same album(s), accompanied by a rating between 0 and 10. This section of the newsletter is inspired by The Singles Jukebox.

Tone Glow initially existed as a blog but became a newsletter in December 2019. Feel free to contact the editor, Joshua Minsoo Kim, at any time via email at

Tone Glow also has two additional projects called Tune Glue and Film Show. The former features interviews with artists of all kinds, including musicians who do not fall into the typical “experimental music” category that Tone Glow covers. Film Show focuses primarily on interviews with directors. When you sign up for Tone Glow, you are automatically subscribed to everything that appears on this site, regardless of the category.

The Staff

Joshua Minsoo Kim, Editor-in-Chief

Joshua Minsoo Kim is a culture writer who writes about music and film for various publications including Pitchfork, NPR, The Wire, Rolling Stone, Bandcamp Daily, Resident Advisor, Cinema Scope, and MUBI Notebook. He started out writing public music reviews on Tumblr in 2011. He founded Tone Glow in 2015 before it became a newsletter in 2019.


Vanessa Ague

Mia Antoinette

Marina B.

Matthew Blackwell

Jeff Brown

C Monster

Tomás Cabado

Dominic Coles

Zachariah Cook

Mark Cutler

Jack Davidson

Jesse Dorris

Hannah Edgar

Josh Feola

Lucy Frost

Sam Goldner

Arielle Gordon

Marshall Gu

Vivi Hansen

Raphael Helfand

Vincent Jenewein

Sean Johnson

Rebecca Jones

Jinhyung Kim

Sunik Kim

Matt LaBarbera

Leah B. Levinson

Chloe Liebenthal

Jesse Locke

Alex Mayle

Samuel McLemore

Ryo Miyauchi


Jude Noel

Jordan Reyes


Gil Sansón

Eli Schoop

Oleg Sobolev

Howard Stelzer

Adesh Thapliyal

Shy Thompson

Mariana Timony

Sam Tornow

Oskari Tuure

Evan Welsh

Jonathan Williger

Emily Wirthlin

Tara Wrist

Jibril Yassin

Maxie Younger

Zhenzhen Yu

Nick Zanca

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A newsletter about experimental music new and old. Also: Film Show (arthouse and avant-garde films) and Tune Glue (everything else).