Tone Glow Website Now Has Section Headers

For Tone Glow, Tune Glue, Film Show, and Website News. Information on how to opt-in for emails here.

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know that Tone Glow now has different “sections” now that you can individually subscribe to via your Substack account. These four sections are Tone Glow (interviews + reviews of experimental music), Tune Glue (interviews with artists who wouldn’t necessarily fit on Tone Glow proper, including perfumers, video game designers, and musicians who are making music that doesn’t fall into the arbitrary “experimental music” camp), Film Show (interviews with directors and others affiliated with film), and Website News (for updates on Tone Glow itself, like this post). You can also use these sections to browse our entire archive.

The Tone Glow home page will have all of our articles listed, but those who would like to view articles from specific sections can click each header to see individual archives. Also, do note that all issues are now prefaced with what section they belong to, as can be seen in the image below.

Please know that you are automatically subscribed to Tone Glow and Website News when you sign up to follow or have already subscribed. However, you will not automatically be subscribed to Tune Glue and Film Show, even if you were subscribed to the separate Tune Glue Substack. As a note, interviews with directors are now listed as part of Film Show, and the Tune Glue Substack will no longer be updated.

In order to opt-in to emails for Tune Glue and Film Show, you must go into your account and do so manually. If you’re already subscribed to Tone Glow, then you technically already have a Substack account. I have provided visual instructions for how to subscribe to individual sections below.

  1. Click on “My Account”

  1. Under “Email notifications,” click on the Tone Glow sections you would like to be subscribed to. Substack has a wonky system that they’ve implemented which has required me to make a separate Tone Glow section. As a note, you should not receive double emails if you’re subscribed to both. You will probably see that you’re already subscribed to Website News already. If you want to opt-in to Tune Glue or Film Show, you will have to check the boxes. You can opt-out of emails at any time.

As a note, all issues that are posted, regardless of whatever section we’re on, will be posted on our social media sites (Twitter and Facebook). I apologize in advance if there are any hiccups along the way as a result of this new change. Also, for some reason, I can’t edit the Jim O’Rourke interview that we’ve done (because it’s too long), so that is not under the Tone Glow section and is instead just included in the broader list of articles listed on the home page.

For the upcoming week, the next issues of Tune Glue and Film Show will go out to all members just to promote this idea of people subscribing to these different sections. After that, though, you will only see emails for articles in these sections if you are subscribed to them. Hopefully that clarifies everything. If there are any issues please let me know, and I will try to sort things out.

Joshua Minsoo Kim