The Fifth Tone Glow Show: Saturday, June 5th at 7PM Central

Featuring Cutler / McLemore, Vytia & Nicole Vella, Devin DiSanto, Hannah Ellul & Rebecca Wilcox, Choi Joonyong, and David Grubbs & Taku Unami

Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know that on Saturday, June 5th (tomorrow!), Tone Glow will have its fifth livestream concert. The bill features six acts that we love: Cutler / McLemore, Vytia & Nicole Vella, Devin DiSanto, Hannah Ellul & Rebecca Wilcox, Choi Joonyong, and David Grubbs & Taku Unami. This is happening in conjunction with Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago as part of The Quarantine Concerts.

The concert is free and will take place on Twitch. The link to the stream is here (a direct link to the Twitch stream can be found here.) There is a $10 suggested donation amount for those who watch—the link for donating will appear during the show in the chat. 100% of donations will go to the artists. As a note, shows may not be available for viewing after the livestream concert. For clarity on time zones, please refer to the following:

5PM / US Pacific
7PM / US Central
8PM / US Eastern
1AM / UK
9AM / Korea, Japan

Below, find bios and links to music from all the acts:

Cutler / McLemore:

Mark Cutler and Sam McLemore are NYC/Portland-based sound artists working with field recording and improvisation.

Vytia & Nicole Vella

Vytia is the audio project of Morgan Emily Wirthlin, evolutionary neurobiologist at Carnegie Mellon University. Her works traverse spaces spanning dark ambient landscapes to glitch and black metal using a diversity of approaches, from modular synthesis to tape manipulation and processed field recordings.

Nicole Vella is an emerging computer artist whose work is influenced by concepts such as Chaos Theory and the Singularity. Using an interdisciplinary approach, she creates art that combines both the digital and the analog.

Devin DiSanto

Devin DiSanto is a performer/composer/musician who lives in NY. He has been releasing recordings since 2013 that includes a solo release and a couple collaborations (Taku Unami, Nick Hoffman) on Erstwhile/ErstAeu. Currently he has been working on a recording for summer 2021 on Rope Editions. A common focus in his projects is the (ever failing) attempt to compare and contrast the dynamic curves of behavior associated with musicianship, and task oriented performance through the use of audio / field recording and playback.

Hannah Ellul & Rebecca Wilcox

Hannah Ellul is a Glasgow-based musician and artist working primarily in sound, text, and performance. She is interested in sound as a bodily disturbance: listening as an activity that does not allow us to put a clear distance between ourselves and things, but inflects our encounters with the places and bodies that surround us in unexpected ways. She makes music as part of Human Heads and White Death. She is also the co-founder of the collaborative project Psykick Dancehall, exploring sonic experience across forms and disciplines.

Rebecca Wilcox lives in Glasgow and works with writing, audio and performance, often using voice as a tool. She's interested in apperception, haptics and the poetics available in the leaps between sensory engagements and the written and spoken word.

Choi Joonyong

Choi Joonyong is from Seoul, South Korea. He founded Astronoise (the first noise project in Korea) with Hong Chulki in 1996. He is interested in control and failure of playing by improvisation and composition. Recently he is working on performances focusing on inferior sound/playing. He has released six solo albums such as DANTHRAX which is made with malfunction of CD-player. He produces and designs albums of a label called ‘Balloon & Needle’ since 2000. He also plays bass guitar in a doom metal band 'Vomit & Tear’ with members of SklavenTanz.

David Grubbs & Taku Unami

David Grubbs has played in Gastr del Sol, the Red Krayola, and Squirrel Bait and performed with Tony Conrad, Susan Howe, Pauline Oliveros, Will Oldham, and many others. He’s the author of the books The Voice in the Headphones, Now that the audience is assembled, and Records Ruin the Landscape.

Taku Unami’s work is influenced by science fiction, supernatural horror and weird fiction. He’s the composer of film scores for directors including Isao Okishima and Takeshi Furusawa, is one-third of the group Hontatedori, and has collaborated with, among others, Annette Krebs, Radu Malfatti, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Jarrod Fowler, Toshiya Tsunoda, and Graham Lambkin.

See you at the show :+)